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What makes a good bike shop?

Cyclists are passionate about their bikes and they are often equally as passionate about their bike shops. So what makes a good bike shop, and why will some cyclists travel out of their way to patronize a good one?...(more)

Adult Bike Sizing: Do You Know How to Get It Right when Buying a New Bike?

If you're planning on buying yourself a new bicycle, then there are a few things you need to take into consideration. First, you have to think about how you will use the bike. There are many types of bikes, such as hybrids, road bikes, mountain bikes, and BMXs. All of these bikes are intended for different uses. Once you've defined what you want to use the bike for, you then need to consider sizing a bike to ensure you make the right purchase....(more)

Guide to Buying the Right Bike for You

Your cycling experience will be optimized when you choose the most suitable equipment. The bicycle you choose should fit all of your needs, including fitness level and riding interest. Some things to consider when looking for a new bike are your experience level, budget, and what you will be using your new bike for. Before buying, follow these tips to help guide you in the right direction to make the most of your biking experience....(more)

How Do You Buy the Perfect Bike?

Given the vast number of bikes available in retail settings today, buying the right bike can seem a bit overwhelming. There are many more types of bicycles than most people can name off the top of their head. The choices seem to go on forever. Whether you're buying a bike for yourself or as a gift for a child or adult, making the most appropriate selection can seem a bit daunting. Asking yourself the right questions up front will help you narrow available options, and will make the selection process much less complicated....(more)

Road Bikes

Find a virtual frame size

Find your virtual frame size and create a reference point from which you can set up a good riding position....(more)

Choosing frame size.

Choosing the right size frame is critical to finding the right position on a road bike. This article explains why overall height is the most important measurement when choosing a frame size....(more)

Speed wobble or shimmy

A cyclist is coasting down a steep hill, possibly on a fairly new bike, he reaches a speed of around 45 mph when all of a sudden the front wheel starts to flutter back and forth and the front end of the bike starts to shake violently. He is experiencing a speed wobble or shimmy as it is sometimes called....(more)

Tires and Wheels

Fixing a flat

If you are a cyclist a flat tire is inevitable at some point or other. When it happens it is an inconvenience but it need not be any worse than this if you are prepared and have the basic knowledge of how to fix the problem....(more)

Removing and fitting bicycle tires

If you ride a bicycle, at some point you will get a flat tire, or you will need to replace a tire. Removing and replacing a tire can be difficult, or relatively easy if you understand how tires are designed and what is going on when you remove or install...(more)

Leading Manufacturers of Mountain Bike Racing Tires

Racing bike tires provide superior performance for cyclists. Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, these tires create the perfect grip to the pavement and are sized for top performance of any bicycle racer. Increase your confidence by purchasing a bike racing tire from a leading and reputable manufacturer. Racing bike tires feature different components and styles, meaning you should carefully consider your options prior to making a purchase....(more)

Biking Expert

Dave Moulton

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Dave Moulton started racing in England in the early 1950s and competed in road races throughout the 1960s and 1970s. He reached the highest level in British amateur racing, and in the late 1950s Moulton learned the craft of bicycle frame building from Albert "Pop" Hodge. Throughout the 1960s Dave... Read More

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