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Mountain Bikes

Sizing Mountain Bikes: Finding the Right Fit

A mountain bike is a special type of bike made to ride up and down rugged hills and handle rough terrain. Mountain bike sizing is important when buying a new bike, to make sure you're getting the perfect fit. There are different size frames for bikes based on your inseam...(more)

Popular Mountain Bikes for Urban Settings

There are many methods of urban transportation available to take you around town. With low maintenance costs and zero emissions, mountain bikes are one of the best methods to use depending on the length of your commute. Because of these qualities, many people choose to replace a car with a...(more)

How to Buy the Right Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can be both great fun and great exercise, but making sure you buy the right mountain bike for the type of riding you plan to do is very important. In fact, choosing the wrong style of mountain bike, depending on the terrain you plan to ride, could even...(more)

Choosing Your Ride: Different Models of Fit BMX Bikes

BMX biking is an aggressive style that requires special equipment meant to withstand the abuse of doing tricks and stunt riding. The bikes have a short seat post, fat tires and simple components that do not take up much weight. While there are custom-built BMX bikes, many manufacturers sell ready-made...(more)


Are all spin classes suitable for cyclists' winter training?

When winter approaches and temperatures start to fall, many cyclists look to spin classes at the local gym as a way to maintain even improve their cycling performance. But before signing up, check to make sure the classes are suitable for cycling specific training....(more)

The Physical Benefits of a Spin Class

Spin classes involve being led through a variety of stationary bicycle exercises by a fitness instructor. Most gyms offer spin classes as part of a paid membership, and some community centers even offer these classes. Many times spin classes incorporate videos or music during the routines. Whether you complete the exercises as directed by the instructor or go easy on yourself, spin classes offer a slew of physical health benefits to participants....(more)

What is Spinning Exercise?

Spinning exercise involves a special stationary bike. Riders follow cues shouted by instructors over loud music. They must stand up, sit down and vary speed to get a complete aerobic workout. In addition to strengthening the heart, spinning builds muscles in the legs and glutes. Spinning classes are offered in fitness centers all over the United States....(more)


Essential Landmarks to See on a Bike Tour of Chicago

Chicago combines dynamic architecture with acres of park space like no other city in America. One of the best parts about visiting the Windy City is that there are many opportunities to take a bike tour in Chicago. It's both a great way to exercise and see some of the city's essential landmarks....(more)

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Dave Moulton started racing in England in the early 1950s and competed in road races throughout the 1960s and 1970s. He reached the highest level in British amateur racing, and in the late 1950s Moulton learned the craft of bicycle frame building from Albert "Pop" Hodge. Throughout the 1960s Dave... Read More

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